Precision Machining Processes:


 First the block gets baked at an extremely high temperature to burn off all impurities(including paint),and gets cooled rapidly to harden the steel.Then it gets "machine blasted"(similar to sand blasting) , gets pressure tested,magnefluxed,and checked for cracks.The engine is now put in a pressure washer and is cleaned with special acids.At this point the block gets painted with heat resistant engine paint in its appropriate color(custom colors also available). Engine block cylinder walls are bored and power honed, cylinder head mating surface and block mating surface are machined, engine block is line honed,crankshaft is magnafluxed, turned (max .010) and polished, connecting rods are resized and balanced in sets. New sealed Power pistons w/pins, sealed Moly Power piston rings, Clevite high performance main, rod, and cam bearings etc.. New heavy duty timing chain & gears, new high volume Melling oil pump,new lifters, and all new BRASS freeze plugs. During assembly the engine is double checked for such things as balance, rod, and main clearance etc. All machining work on engines is done "In House". Comes with all FELPRO gaskets and seals needed for installation, and a new oil pump. Get heads(long block)for $150 more (the PAIR) with the purchase of our engine.Heads go thru all the same processes above (reseated, magnefluxed, pressure tested etc).If you get heads,the heads are installed, and so are the new lifters, rods, and rockers.All those parts will be bolted down to specs. All your existing parts will bolt right in (oil pan, manifolds,starters etc). All rods, rockers, and lifters come fully installed. ALL INTERNAL PARTS ARE NEW.This engine is freshly built and has NEVER been installed or run. With our guarantee you can't go wrong. Marine shoppers, make sure you are getting a true marine engine (not just brass plugs).Bulk engine purchases of 10 or more engines will be discounted 10% (click here). All engines are shipped by AIR ,and take no more that 5 days from payment to delivery(generally as little as 3 days) .Shipping is a flat $150(if its more,we pay the diffrence). We will also provide and pay insurance for the total amount of your purchase (beat that).




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